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Alf Gerlach

Publications on Chinese topics in Chinese
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Veröffentlichungen zu chinesischen Themen
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Books in Chinese

  • Gerlach, A., Elzer, M. (Hrsg.): 精神分析性心理治疗 Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. A Handbook. Chinesisch-Englisch. Beijing (People’s Medical Publishing House) 2018
  • Glossar Vokabular der Psychoanalyse. Deutsch-Englisch-Französisch-Chinesisch-Pinyin. Shanghai (Shanghai Scientific & Technical Publishers) 2006

Articles in Chinese

  • Research into Witchcraft in Psychoanalysis and History. In: Tsai, J.-Y.: Witch Meta-Psychology: Psychoanalysis in France and Germany, 13-31, Teipei 2005
  • The mechanisms of defence in the psychoneurosis; The first interview in psychotherapy. In: Mo, K.-M., Psychosomatic medicine, Guangzhou 1985
  • Neurotic disorders as pathological results of inner conflicts; Psychoanalytic group psychotherapy; Bronchial Asthma; Ulcer Disease. In: Mo, K.-M., Medical Psychology, Guangzhou 1983

  • Psychoanalysis and the Understanding of Chinese Life Experiences. Psychological Communications, Vol. 2 (3), 143-146, Shanghai 2019
  • mit Hau, S.: Research in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Psychological Communications, Vol. 1(3), 194-198, Shanghai 2018
  • Knowing yourself can better treat your patients – My career as a psychoanalyst. Psychological Communications, Vol. 1(2), 105-107, Shanghai 2018
  • 沉默的羔羊:一名女实习生的“脱皮” (The silence of the lambs. A psychoanalytic film interpretation)
  • 焦虑渴求──希区柯克《爱德华大夫》中内在心理的精神分析简析. (Angstlust: Psychoanalytische Anmerkungen zur Wirkung von Hitchcocks Filmkunst auf den Betrachter)
  • The silence of the lambs. A psychoanalytic film interpretation. Shanghai Jingshen Yixue (Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry) 2009, 21 Suppl.: 456-458
  • Turbo-capitalism and psyche: The individual in the process of modernization. Shanghai Jingshen Yixue (Shanghai Archives of Psychiatry) 2009, 21 Suppl.: 396-399
  • Psychoanalysis in Germany. Chinese Psychotherapy in Dialogue, 2009, 2, 84-85
  • Spiritual Process in Chinese Traditional Thought. Chinese Psychotherapy in Dialogue, 2009, 2, 95-100

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