Rundbrief 2022

  1. Hypnotherapy Activities
  2. Trauma therapy
  3. The transcultural perspective is a necessary aspect of China competence (Activity Report 2022 Ulrich Sollmann)
  4. Developments in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  5. Report on the IPA Congress of Asia-Pacific Groups in Delhi 4-6 January 2023
  6. Psychoanalytic oriented psychotherapy
  7. Obituary for Prof. Dr. Xu Taoyuan

Kompletter Rundbrief 2022 [381kb]

Rundbrief 2023
1. Developments in the field of behavioral therapy. Jan Glasenapp
2. Psychotraumatology. Alexander Korittko
3. Sino-German Training and Research in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy. Kurt Fritzsche
4. The 5th Sino-German Training Program in Psychosomatic Medicine opens in Shanghai. Wolfgang Merkle
5. Promoting the systemic approach in psychiatry – A multi-professional training programme on systemic and social-psychiatric attitudes and methods in psychiatry
6. Psychoanalytic oriented psychotherapy. Alf Gerlach
7. Report of Activities of 2023. Stay in continuous contact and building a trusting relationship in difficult times. Ulrich Sollmann

Kompletter Rundbrief 2023 [879kb]